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Rules & Regulations

  1. Bags, laptop bags/backpacks/casings, files, umbrellas, water containers or similar items are not allowed to be brought in. Patrons may use the cubicles to store such items.
    *Note: Do not leave your valuable things inside the bag. The college will not responsible for any item lost in the library.

  2. Eating, drinking, sleeping and smoking are prohibited inside the Library.

  3. Patrons must be decently attired and adhere to the SEGi College Sarawak dress code.

  4. Patrons are advised to maintain a quiet environment in the Library. Answering or making calls on mobile phones and playing of any audio devices is strictly prohibited.

  5. Keep the environment clean by not littering.

  6. Vandalism or theft of materials/properties is a serious offence and offenders will be subjected to disciplinary actions by the Management.

  7. Students without a student card are not allowed to enter the Library.

  8. Upon returning books at the Circulation Counter, patrons must ensure that the books are properly checked-in before leaving the counter.

  9. No furniture, equipment or fixtures in the Library should be moved without prior authorization from the Library personnel.

  10. Socket points meant for Library computers/electrical equipment are not to be unplugged and used for personal laptop or other devices.

  11.  There shall be no loan transactions ie. borrow, return, renewal, 15 minutes before closing time.

  12. Patrons who defy the Rules and Regulations would be reported to their respective Dean/Head of Faculty, Schools, Departments or Centres for disciplinary action. The patron’s library privileges would also be suspended until further notice.

  13. Management may make amendments to the Rules and Regulations without notice where deemed necessary.

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