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Library is a common area and all patrons are advised to show respect and proper courtesy to other users in order to maintain a comfortable, conducive and pleasant environment. The following are to be observed:

  1. Switch off or put in silent mode on your mobile phones.

  2. Speak softly and do not crowd around tables.

  3. Do not sit on the floor and obstruct the walk way or preventing others from reaching the shelves.

  4. Please queue up at the counter or while waiting to use the printer.

  5. No running.

  6. Windows are not to be opened without permission from the Library staff.

  7. Do not mess up the books on the shelves.

  8. Place books on the trolley after used.

  9. Do not hide or intentionally misplace a library material in a different location.

  10. Do not occupy the library catalog terminals more than 10 minutes.

  11. Please return the newspaper at it placed after read.

  12. Be mindful of the power cords or cables when using the power sockets.

  13. Safeguard your belongings.

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