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Fines & Penalty

A fine will be imposed for late returns. The penalty is as follows:

  • Patrons will have their borrowing privilege suspended if they have outstanding fines or overdue items under their account.

  • All patrons are responsible for the loaned books that are checked-out under their names and will be penalized for lost or damaged books.

  • The penalty for a lost book is:

    • To replace the book with a new book plus a charge of RM20 processing fee OR

    • To pay price of the book plus a charge of RM20 processing fee

* Note: If the price of the book is not available, the price of a book of similar title will be referred.

  • A fine will be imposed if a book is returned in a damaged condition eg. soiled, torn, stained, defaced, etc. The amount of fine to be charged will be at the discretion of the Head of Library or authorized librarian during his absence.

  • The following are unacceptable reasons for waiving/reducing incurred fines:

    • Ignorant of Library policy

    • Dissatisfied with the fine penalty structure

    • Unable to pay the incurred fine

    • Denial of borrowing book(s).

    • Allowing others to use his/her student card to borrow book(s)

    • Forgot the book due date

    • Busy during semester break, examination or industrial attachment

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