Internet Access & wifi

Internet access is available in the Library. There are 15 PCs installed with internet access in the Library while wireless network for laptop/Smartphone users is available in the Library.

Printing & Photocopy

  • These services facilitate student to prepare their assignment/research that requires them to print out their works.

  • The printing machine comes together MiCard V2 (Card reader) because this machine requires card to log in before make any printing or photocopying.

  • All the computers in the library are connected with printer drivers and a program called UniFLOW, this program allows user to check how much credit/balance and see their last ten (10) prints or copies.

  • All printing and copying, together with the associated can be tracked and store.

  • During library orientation, student will be taught on how to apply a photocopy card. The information will be brief to the students who wish to apply the card are:

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Daily Newspaper

The daily newspapers from Borneo Post and Sin Chew Daily News are available daily during opening hours.

Journals & Magazines

The subscribed educational journals and magazines are available at the Library Counter


Printer 4u Services

  • These services facilitate students to prepare their assignments/research that requires them to print out their works.

  • Log on to http://print4u.com.my to create a new account for print4u or log in with Facebook or Google account. 

  • Students may always refer to the librarian for guidance. 

Student lounge.jpg

Student lounge

​This new student lounge is located on the 2nd floor of the SEGi College Sarawak main campus building, which is next to the library. It had been fully operational in November 2020. The student lounge is designed with a conducive, relaxed, and elegant atmosphere to provide a comfortable place for students. The ultimate goal is to the serve student lounge as a space devoted to creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking among students.



Storage cubicles are available next to the library counter in our main library area for users to place their non-valuable items. Users are advised to keep valuable things with them. College does not responsible for any lost and users are advised to take a good care for their own belonging.



Locker services is provided for the purpose of making it easier for students to store their personal items while using the library. Please refer to the librarian on duty (for MC Library) and Ground Staff (for BC Library) regarding the policy and procedure for using the locker.