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Frequent Asked Questions 

1. Why Should I Join Clubs/Societies?

Clubs and societies are a great way to build your character as well as soft skills such as commitment, leadership and effective communication which will benefit you in college and also your future career. 

2. How do I join a club or society?

You may join any clubs and societies except for Law Society, Advocacy and Moot Club and Allied Health Club. You may obtain the detailed information and membership registration form from Student Affairs Office. The Student Affairs Officer will provide guidance and help to you.

3. Can I join more than one club?

Yes, you may join more than one club if you wish! However, make sure you juggle your time and priorities wisely.

4. Once I’ve joined, what should I do next?

The member from the respective club or society shall contact you via email or WhatsApp. If they don’t, get in touch with them via WhatsApp. You may get the contact number from the Student Affairs Office. Get involved in the club or society, turn up for any events organized by the club and society and make sure you are active in your club.

5. Is there any requirements for me to join clubs / societies? 

The answer is NO. All SEGi students with active status are welcomed to join the club or society under SEGi College Sarawak.


6. What to do if I wanted to organize activity?

You may need to discuss with your Club members first. Every activity must have an Activity Proposal and the proposal must be submitted to the Student Affairs Office at least two (2) weeks before the event. There is a standard template for the Activity Proposal. Please obtain the Activity Proposal template from your Club President.

7. What should I do after the event is over?

An Event Review Report is to be submitted to the Student Affairs Office by latest two (2) weeks after the event. Please attach the attendance list and activities photos into the report, at the same time forward the soft copy of the pictures to the Student Affairs Officer, Ms. Nur Atiqah at for record keeping purposes. There is a standard template for Event Review Report and attendance list. You may obtain a copy of the template from your Club president.


8. How much commitment do I need to put in?

How often you go is completely up to you. All societies will meet at least twice a month, normally during the weekday. However, SEGi Saberkas Club may need more dedication, as they are competitive and are involved with sports or outdoors activities. Please check before you join.

9. Can I form a new club or society?

Yes. You will need to fill and submit a Student Club Form to the Student Affairs Office, and make sure you have a proposed advisor and reach minimum of 20 members.

10. Why is it necessary for club members to have advisor(s) in a club?

The primary role of the advisor(s) is to guide and assist the club members to meet the club’s objectives. The advisor(s) should ideally share the same passion, interest or relevant experiences with the club members.

11. Is there any registration fee if I join a club / society?

Registration is free of charge. Club members are advised to build their own club fund through activities.


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